Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

Helping to lead and sustain change

Lean Concepts Inc. is a specialized lean consulting and training team that helps organizations achieve excellence by assisting them not only in training, but also in the implementation of World Class Business techniques.  Lean Concepts Inc. utilizes proven, training techniques that teach team members the skills necessary to continuously improve the processes for making a variety of quality products and services, while maximizing the use of time, material, equipment, floor space, and effort.  At Lean Concepts, Inc. we believe that “Lean” is not something you achieve, but something you must constantly and continuously pursue and that the key to a successful pursuit lies in the ability of your team to sustain the initiatives started by our training after we leave your facility. 

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LCI has manufacturing partners ranging in size as small as 6 team members to 400 in one location with multiple locations.

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Education K-12 and higher education

LCI is a partner of Lean Ohio. We have several project in the K-12 arena. Several Higher Education Partners have engaged with LCI to develop better process in there business offices.


In Local / State Government LCI has provided the following activities:

  • Human Resources, Reduction of process steps by 30%
  • Fleet Maintenance, Reduction of Lead time by 15%, Inventory accuracy from 50% to the high 90s
  • Civil Engineering project planning process
  • Redevelopment of the collection and distribution process in Local Library systems
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LCI has provided education and Kaizen support for Healthcare organizations.



The introduction of Standard Work and Kanban to the Hotel and Restaurant industries

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