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About Us
Our mission

Helping to lead and sustain change

Lean Concepts Inc. is a specialized lean consulting and training team that helps companies achieve manufacturing excellence by assisting them not only in training, but also in the implementation of World Class Manufacturing techniques. Lean Concepts Inc. utilizes proven, rock-solid lean training programs that teach employees the skills necessary to continuously improve the processes for making a variety of quality products, while maximizing the use of time, material, equipment, floor space, and effort. At Lean Concepts, Inc. we believe that “Lean” is not something you achieve, but something you must constantly and continuously pursue and that the key to a successful pursuit lies in the ability of your team to sustain the initiatives started by our training after we leave your facility.

Our Staff has over 50 years of cumulative experience utilizing and teaching continuous improvement. We have assisted corporations ranging in size from 9 to 3000 team members. We have partnered with and trained companies in all corners of the United States as well as Europe & Asia.

President and CEO

John Veatch




our focus

Proven techniques for every industry

We are a premier provider of lean training and lean consulting in the U.S. and we have implemented lean training in large and small companies all across the U.S. and overseas. When you call on us, you get training unlike others. Our methods differ significantly from other lean consulting providers or trainers. Our classroom training is only a small portion of the training your team receives. We follow the initial classroom time of introduction to a topic with hands-on implementation of initiatives that concern your team and your problems in your shop or office environment. This provides a level of understanding that allows for the participants to thoroughly grasp what is involved with continuously thinking “Lean” and promotes that sustainability. Effective lean training is more than just classroom teaching-Lean Concepts Inc uses coaching, and hands-on implementation.

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