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Lean 101: Description

Lean is about operating the most efficient and effective organization possible, with the least amount of cost and zero waste. It is an approach that requires companies to make smart use of all their resources-Technology, Equipment, and especially the knowledge and skills of their People. While manufacturing is the arena which launched a variety of Lean initiatives, and especially the Toyota Production System, the manufacturing sector is not the only industry that can benefit from the process improvement techniques of Lean. This Lean 101 class will introduce you to the fundamentals of the process and is generally taught to entire organizations as the first step on their lean journey.

What You Will Learn

Lean Ohio Boot Camp Training on Swim Lane Mapping / Value Stream Mapping

Waste Indentification: Description

Waste is present in every organization, and wherever there is a business process. Learning how to identify waste, and the cause of each type is key to reducing or eliminating the waste and improving the bottom line. Empower your team members with the tools to identify and reduce waste in their own processes as well as adjoining processes to simplify the entire value stream and focus on customer value added items.

What You Will Learn

City of Dayton Water Dept Waste Identification Lean Ohio Boot Camp

5S: Description

Proper workplace organization and identification will decrease downtime and give the team members a working environment that they will be proud to work in and proud to have visitors view. 5S is a system of organizing the workplace and providing the basis for sustaining the organization.

What You Will Learn

5S kaizen at Dresser-Rand Painted Post NY

Visual Management: Description

Shop floor visual management allows team members to control the status of their work environment. Giving the production team the information necessary to control the profit and loss of their own work environment is one of the single largest steps companies can take to increase the efficiency of their business. Learn the tools and steps necessary to implement a successful Visual Management System in your facility. No matter what your business or industry is, your team will benefit from the Visual Management tools you will take home from this training.

What You Will Learn

Visual management board at Dresser-Rand Painted Post NY

Standard Work: Description

Standard work is one of the most powerful lean tools and yet it is not used as often as it should be for maximum benefit. This tool forms the basis for “Kaizen” or continuous improvement by documenting the current best practice and consists of three elements: Takt, or cycle time; Work Sequence; and Standard WIP.

What You Will Learn

The Three Documents of Standardized Work

Kanban: Description

Kanban is a term that basically means “signboard”. It is a signalling system that is used to trigger action and is used to achieve just-in-time production and help control inventory levels by linking processes that are separated by distance or a constraint. In other words, it is a systematic way of adapting production to changes caused by problems and demand variations.

What You Will Learn

Cellular Flow: Description

Sometimes referred to as One Piece Production, Cellular Flow Manufacturing is the linking of operations or machines into groups based on a group or family of parts. This makes production more responsive and allows a better response to problems such as defects, scheduling, and maintenance. Learn how One-Piece Flow and Kaizen Techniques work together.

What You Will Learn

Problem Solving: Description

Believe it or not, most organizations and people go about solving problems in counter-productive ways. Without identifying the real, or “root” cause of the problem, any fixes you put in place are just band-aids and mask the issue rather than fix it for the long term. There is a process for finding the root cause, analyzing the problems, and implementing processes to ensure the problem does not recur.

What You Will Learn

Setup Reduction: Description

As the title implies, this course is about reducing the time required for setups on your equipment in order to provide more productive time and eliminate waste in the changeover process. Called Single Minute Exchange of Die, or SMED for short, this is a process of rapid changeover allowing you to switch from one product run to another in as little time as possible.

What You Will Learn

SMED Kaizen at Everyday Technology

Total Productive Maintenance: Description

Total Productive Maintenance is simply an organizational and systematic approach to address equipment effectiveness issues. TPM is critical to the complete Lean process because if the process capabilities are being sustained, but equipment uptimes and run rates are not predictable and maximized, the entire process becomes clogged with extra WIP to compensate.

What You Will Learn

Report out session at Dresser-Rand

Lean Leadership: Description

Lean management is about running an intelligent business, in which everyone from the top to the bottom of the organization is aware of the business’s capabilities and ensures that they are used appropriately and continuously improved. This course will teach your first and second line managers and supervisors what is required to promote and foster an environment that is built on the idea that you are never good enough, and that you must always be in a mode of continuous improvement in small steps every day.

What You Will Learn

Data analysis at Valtronic Cleveland OH. Coaching Kaizen leader

Value Stream Mapping: Description

Wherever there is a business process that ultimately delivers a product or service to a customer, there is a Value Stream. A map of this value stream is simply a visual tool used to follow the stream of material, information, machines, and manpower through the system beginning with the customer and working back to the beginning of the process. Along the way, the tool helps shine a bright light on areas of waste in any of the resources and helps identify areas for further improvement through Kaizen events.

What You Will Learn

Current State Map with Action Item list. Lakota School systems

Kaizen: Description

Kaizen is an intimidating word to some, but it actually is just a combination of two Japanese words meaning “Good Change”. Kaizen is really the practice of continuous improvement of any business process, be it the shop floor, functional departments like Engineering, Administrative, Sales, or service industries like Healthcare, and retail. A Kaizen Blitz is simply creating and sustaining continuous improvement teams to capture the current conditions, address business barriers, and implement strategies and solutions that bring bottom line results.

What You Will Learn

Kaizen kick off training at Valtronic Cleveland OH

A3 Report Training: Description

The term A3 Report originated from the Toyota Production System as a problem solving tool. The idea is that if you contain the problem on one sheet of paper, you will be better able to focus your thinking. The designation A3 simply refers to the international designation for a size of paper that is roughly equivalent to the U.S. 11″ x 17″ paper size. Using this tool properly provides a very structured and focused approach to solving a problem. The A3 report is a way of describing a problem and a solution plan in the form of a story that has a beginning and an end. You can hand write your A3 (in fact, it is recommended for flexibility), and you don’t need any computer software or special tools.

What You Will Learn

A3 Report

Lean Enterprise: Description

A continuing agreement among all the firms sharing the value stream for a product family to correctly specify value from the standpoint of the end customer, remove wasteful actions from the value stream, and make those actions which do create value occur in continuous flow as pulled by the customer. As soon as this task is completed, the cooperating firms must analyze the results and start the process again through the life of the product family. (Womack and Jones 1996, p. 276.)  See definition:  From the Lean Lexicon 5th Edition

Lean Concepts Inc will consult and train your team on the implementation to set your organization on a Lean Journey to achieve a success Lean Enterprise.

What You Will Learn

Toyota Production System “house”

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